The mixer section The distinctive feature of the mixer section is the 44 channel configuration. In addition to the classic six mono two stereo analogue inputs the CMS boasts two stereo digital inputs via USB. These inputs when occupied are automatically routed to channels 5-6 and 7-8. This means four fully-featured stereo channels are available a fact that will particularly please DJs. 8 channel strips comprising: 4 mic/line input channels 2 mic/stereo USB (super) channels 2 stereo line channels Microphone inputs 1-6 are each equipped with a Gain control and switchable phantom power whilst channels 9/10 and 11/12 have a Trim control. Channels 1-4 possess a switchable low-cut filter that intervenes at 80 Hz. All channels boast a 3-band EQ with Hi Mid Low controls. Each channel offers three sends: FX (post fader) AUX (switchable globally pre-/post-fader) and Monitor (pre-fader). Also present in each channel are a Balance/Pan control a Mute and PFL switch and a volume fader with Peak and Signal display. The master section As well as the dual L/R master faders the master section features FX1 FX2 Aux and Monitor Return controls not to mention a 9-band master EQ and a digital effects device with 200 presets and 40 user memories. Two different effects (FX1 and FX2) can be used simultaneously and edited with the aid of a large clear display.


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